Ukrainian alternative art assembly at KILKIM ZAIBU XIX

One of the main themes of KILKIM ŽAIBU festival this year is strengthening of friendship between live history enthusiasts and alternative art creators from the Baltic countries and Ukraine. We will develop cultural exchanges; examine the links between Ukraine and Baltic countries in history, lifestyle, mythology and symbolism. To analyze the ethnic identity of Balts, Scandinavians and Slavs we will demonstrate the similarities and differences of the tribes.

MYRKUR – revolution of progressive music on KILKIM ŽAIBU stage!

19th edition of festival “Kilkim Žaibu” presents the band that is appreciated worldwide for its extraordinary style – MYRKUR!

Masters of avant-garde VULTURE INDUSTRIES will present their newest album in Vilnius

On March 9th, in club “Pelėda”, the masters of avant-garde VULTURE INDUSTRIES will throw an amazingly theatrical performance for one more time in Lithuania. The band will present their new, matured and long-waited album “Stranger Times”.