2021 August 6-7, Varniai, Lithuania
Baltic culture and extreme music festival


FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

General information

The biggest Baltic folk pagan extreme metal festival KILKIM ŽAIBU invites you!

The 21st edition of KILKIM ŽAIBU will take place on August 6 - 7 on the great Lukstas lakeside by the glare of pagan bonfires – where we will again celebrate the feast for 2 days and 2 nights in true Baltic style!

Festival goers already know what to expect – carefully selected both local and international metal music artists, Baltic folk music groups, ancient fight clubs and craftsmen, bonfires and songs until the very morning light.

There will be a special silent area for tents, and guarded car parking place. In the nearby village (Varniai) there are shops and hotel. There are also plenty possibilities for physical activities – viking football, basketball, volleyball, boat and catamaran rent.

Car parking in guarded zone - € 10.

Car parking in VIP zone - € 20.

Camper parking in VIP zone - € 30.


August 6 – 

Arrival, bonfires, Baltic folklore, folk and viking metal bands, games and ancient dances and waiting for the Sunrise.

August 7 – 

Folklore groups, demonstrations of ancient fight arts; bonfires, strong black, death and thrash metal concert.

Opening hours & Access

Official start is Friday August 6, first band will play around 15.00 
Important: The gates for festival visitors will be open from 17.00 on Thursday August 5. Not earlier!

Arrivals by Plane & Car

This is explained at another section PLACE.


This is explained at another section TICKETS.

Camping & Accommodation

Camping at festival area is mostly in tents – this is what does 95% of visitors. First visitors will have a chance to pick best tent spots. 

Car / trailer parking is only at selected areas; please respect our guards and direction signs. There will be also guarded parking lot.

Parking in festival territory - € 10. Tents are prohibited in this area.

VIP parking - € 20. Tents are permitted near your vehicle.

Campervan parking € 30. If it's towed by car, extra € 20.

The number of places in the VIP parking area is limited, the places are not reserved. After leaving the VIP area during the festival and wanting to return to the festival area, your car will be checked and charged again.

The tent camp will be very spacious, supervised by security guards, sure to accommodate anyone who wants to settle there. There is no charge for the tent. 

The festival takes place in nature, so we ask everyone to be understanding, and to be prepare carefully. We suggest you bring flashlights, insect sprays, warm clothes for the night, protection from the rain etc. Also, don't forget to take care of your safety and don't leave any valuables unattended.


1) Pas Stefą ***

Telšiai city (about 30 km. from Varniai), Respublikos st. 49, mob. (+370 687) 15038, tel./fax. (+370 444) 74520 
Can be booked via booking.com

Rooms for 2 persons (additional bed can be added to a room, if it is necessary), breakfast included. Free wi-fi.

Email: sveciunamaipasstefa@gmail.com

Link to their site: http://www.passtefa.lt/main.php?lang=En

2) Hotel Telšiai *

Telšiai city (about 30 km. from Varniai), Kęstučio st. 21, tel. (+370 444) 53292, fax. (+370 444) 69261

Can be booked via booking.com

Rooms for 2/3/4 persons. Kitchen, fridges – guests can make their own food. Free wi-fi.

Email: viesbutistelsiai@gmail.com

Currency & Money

EURO currency are in use everywhere in Baltic States. But if by accident you will have USD or other money, you can try to change it at entry point. 

No cash machines are available at festival area - therefore plan your expenses carefully (with a good reserve!) before going out to festival. 


There will be festival and band merchandise / CDs available from various dealers, offered at standard prices.

Food & Drinks

At festival grounds you will find various stands offering delicious local foods. There would be something to suit all tastes. Also, vegetarians will not be forgotten. An average meal will cost you around € 4 - € 8. You can bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks, just keep in mind that glass bottles are strictly forbidden to take inside festival area. 

The same can be said about drinks. Few local bars will be open; one will work nonstop / 24 hours during the festival. There will be at least 20 kinds of delicious local Lithuanian and Czech craft and IPA beers, including a specially brewed KILKIM ŽAIBU BEER! Prices for 0.5 L volume nice, cold beer will start from € 2.50

You can also the food/drink and other shops at the local village of Varniai.

Entry & Safety

The organisers reserve the right not to allow any suspicious, intoxicated or aggresive people, who pose a threat to safet of others, into the festival area. Troublemakers, people without ticket bracelets, and people who try to access the festival area illegally will also be asked to leave the festival with no option of getting back inside.

When you enter the festival grounds your inventory will be thoroughly searched. You will be asked to unpack your sleeping bags and tents. The inventory inspection at the entrance will be carried out by Samogitian MC and a private security team. If you refuse the inspection, you will not be allowed to enter the festival area.

We DO NOT welcome on our festival - any kind of drugs, weapons, sharp objects, glass bottles, bad behavior, thefts and violence to other people. Such visitors will be permanently banned from the festival area! 
No own alcohol to be brought inside – you will have a wide selection available on festival grounds.

DO NOT store valuables/documents at your tent unguarded! The organizers cannot be held responsible for possible thefts. If you need to safely store something, get in touch with entry point.

Kilkim Zaibu Festival is located next to a big lake. Be CAREFUL when going swimming; DO NOT SWIM when you are drunk, alone or in darkness / bad weather!!!

First aid / Info point

The first aid station is situated next to entry point and is only available during festival activities time. All questions and information should be asked at entry / ticket place.


Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult (at least 18 years old).


A good number of litter bins will be placed across the grounds for your convenience, and PLEASE make the good effort to use them, even for the smallest cigarette stub. We strongly wish that beautiful local lakeside beach and local forest ecosystem stays unharmed!


The eco-toilet facilities are free of charge and are located at visible places throughout the festival area. Please respect our toilet facilities and keep them clean for next visitors.


Dogs and other animals are allowed if they are under strict owner control at all times. Dogs enter with muzzle only.

If you have an opportunity to leave your pets/animals somewhere safely, we highly recommend doing so prior to the festival. The festival is a lot of stress to the animals. You will be able to relax yourself knowing that your beloved pet is sleeping peacefully at home or having fun at the dog hotel.

At the festival You will be able to:

To photograph and film (with non-professional equipment) absolutely everything;

To burn bonfires in the fireplaces equipped for that purpose (about 5 units);

Build your own barbecues with elementary fire-hazard safety.

Buy cold and hot snacks, alcoholic beverages;

Rent water bikes, boats, fishing rods (contact the staff working in the shed);

Play volleyball or basketball on the pitches.

Swim on the shore of lake Lukstas.

Facebook event 2021


Join our Facebook event for immediate news and announcements, and invite all of your friends! 
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There will be special big festival buses going to KILKIM ŽAIBU from Vilnius (Lithuania) and Riga (Latvia).

Reserve your seats:

From Vilnius (and Kaunas) to Kilkim Žaibu

Bus will depart from Vilnius "PANORAMA“ (street: Sodų g. 14, very close bus/train station) on morning of August 6 (Friday) at 11.00 a.m., meeting at 10.30 a.m.

Bus will make a stop in Kaunas ~12.00 - 12.30 a.m. near SENUKAI Shopping Centre, address Jonavos g. 62

The price for one person's return ticket is € 25 

Trip back to Vilnius and Kaunas from Varniai on August 8 (Sunday) at 11.00 a.m.

To book a seat in the bus please send email to: rikottt@gmail.com or call/SMS +370 67 82 87 88

Find more information also on Facebook bus trip page:


From Riga (Latvia) to Kilkim Žaibu: 

Trip starts on Friday, August 6, at 12.00 from petrol station “Shell” (Riga, Satekles str. 2).

Back to Riga bus will leave at 11.00 on August 8 (Sunday) from the festival location.

To book a seat in bus please send email to: estragons@inbox.lv or by phone (SMS) +371 27 08 60 38

We offer festival packages! Package price is  65  (incl. one spot in the bus both ways and festival entrance for all days). 
Important: the total amount of festival packages for this price is strictly limited! Later the price will grow up.
It is possible to book only a sitting place in the bus, if you have a ticket.

Book or find more information also on Facebook bus trip page:


Last words…

Running order will be published online shortly before festival.

Festival entry point will work 24 hours all days. 

For any special arrangements or services write to: administracija@kilkimzaibu.com
Or if your question is not answered here, ask it on Facebook event site.

We invite all of you KILKIM ŽAIBU fans from all the world, let's meet again and celebrate for 21-st time!

Come and join us!

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