From June 21st and during the event the ticket price is €100; the family ticket price is €190. 

One-day ticket price is €50. One-day ticket will only be sold DURING THE EVENT at the entrance. One-day ticket requires FULL TICKET PRICE €100 payment, and if you leave before noon, 12:00 of the next day – the price difference is returned and the festival’s bracelet is cut off. 

The family ticket is valid for two adults and their children, no matter how many or what age they are. The family ticket is valid only for persons who will be able to present a document confirming the family relationship during the event. All of the family members must arrive at the festival gate at the same time. 

Please Note: the family ticket is intended to support families raising children. Couples, brother and sister, friends, distant relatives etc. do not qualify for the family ticket. Please do not abuse this priviledge. Thank you for your understanding.


The ticket is valid during whole festival – 3 days and 3 nights. 

 Family ticket is valid for two adults and their children no matter what their age is. 

Family ticket is valid only for those persons who will submit a document proving their relationship at the gates of the festival.

IMPORTANT: family ticket is dedicated only for people raising children. We kindly ask not to try to buy these tickets people who are couples, friends, distant relatives and so on. Thank you for your comprehension. 

Persons under 18 years are allowed to the festival under supervision of adults, preferably at least one of the parents. 

Children under 13 years are allowed to the festival without no fee. 

The disabled and pensioners receive a 50% discount for a ticket. 

One-day tickets will be available only on the entrance to the festival.

The same applies to the tickets with the discount because you will be asked to show the document which would prove the right for discount.  

Tickets are not refundable.

For any additional questions please contact:   

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