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Death Black Metal | Sweden

 NECROPHOBIC shouldn't need many words of introduction, being one of the historic groups of the Swedish black metal scene of the 90s, responsible for masterpieces such as "The Nocturnal Silence" and "Darkside". Traditionalists in the formula, but always capable of creating the right climax through a well-tested but still engaging blackened Death Metal. 

Forming in 1989 in Sweden, NECROPHOBIC fast became one of the leading purveyors of unholy metal with dark sounds and razor-sharp riffs. Around this time, most bands played death metal in the veins of Carcass, Napalm Death etc. NECROPHOBIC had a bit different influences and focused more on creating a much more dark and evil sounding music, in the beginning influenced by Morbid Angel, Slayer and Bathory. 

 In March 1993, members entered the studio and recorded the debut album (the nowadays legendary) "The Nocturnal Silence". Nine songs of pure blasphemous death metal to set the most demanding listeners' hearts in flames. Even though the death metal scene had become crammed with bands, "The Nocturnal Silence" got top scores in most magazines over the world and found itself directly into the German magazine Rock Hard's chart in the 9th position. 

 Being a very self-critical band, NECROPHOBIC had some troubles getting the new material together for the next albums, as it always had to be 100% quality content. The band had several changes in the lineup and labels, but always stayed true to their music. On the consecutive albums, NECROPHOBIC had moved further in the dark and evil domains. As most of the death metal bands seemed to slow down their death metal sound and music and become more "easy listened", Necrophobic did the opposite...they speeded up, became rawer sounding and so forth. The latest band’s album is released in 2020 (“Dawn of the Damned”), and it still receives the highest score reviews. 

Since the very beginning, NECROPHOBIC has always stayed true to their style and will do so as long as the band will exist. Their music will surely bring chills down your spine! 

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