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Gothic Metal | Portugal

 MOONSPELL is a prominent metal band hailing from Portugal, with a rich history that traces back to their formation in 1992. Initially named Morbid God, the band was founded by Fernando Ribeiro, a central figure who remains the lead vocalist. They quickly rebranded to MOONSPELL after releasing their first promo track, and gained significant attention with their 1994 EP, "Under the Moonspell". The group's early music, deeply rooted in black metal, evolved over time to incorporate a broader range of musical styles, including elements of gothic and doom metal. Their 1995 debut album, "Wolfheart", marked an important moment, establishing MOONSPELL's unique blend of atmospheric soundscapes and dark, poetic lyrics. 

MOONSPELL's music is characterized by a melodic yet aggressive style that seamlessly blends various metal genres. Over the years, they have become known for their gothic metal sound, which incorporates symphonic and dark ambient elements, making them stand out in the metal community. Their lyrics often delve into themes of nature, mythology, and personal introspection, adding depth to their identity. Albums like "Irreligious" in 1996 and "Night Eternal" in 2008 showcase their ability to continuously evolve while maintaining a cohesive sound. The band's creative use of Portuguese history and culture, alongside their technical prowess, has earned them a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim within the heavy metal genre. It is also worth mentioning that they are one of the first bands bringing Halloween celebration into alternative culture - for 25 years already, each year they organize a special concert on October 31. 

 In 2021, they released "Hermitage", their most recent effort, which was acclaimed by the fans and the press, as one of the best albums of the year. In late 2022 the band also released an extraordinary live album/DVD/BluRay, recorded 80 meters below surface, in a natural cave in Portugal, while resuming their always very significant live activity to celebrate their three decades on stage, in front of their pack. From the depths of Portugal, this time MOONSPELL will emerge to the coast of a beautiful Lithuanian lake!..  

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