Greece | Black Dark Metal

Mammoth-sounding, bug-eyed in their fealty to the dark lords below, and imperious in their fist-raising, diabolically catchy way with a bludgeoning riff, the band – featuring Rotting Christ guitarist George Emmanuel in their ranks alongside members of Chaostar, Karma Violens and Nightfall – LUCIFER’S CHILD are due to perform a ritual at KILKIM ŽAIBU XXI!


With so much by-rote black metal around, and so much infernal fire quenched by rigid, imagination-free adherence to orthodoxy, the brightest beacons on the Hadean landscape are being lit by no-holds barred, anthemic entities such as Athens four-piece LUCIFER’S CHILD.


So without further ado, light a torch, pledge allegiance to Satan like you really, really mean it, and surrender to the momentous might of The Order right here!