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Death Metal | United States

 Americans JUNGLE ROT (moniker “honouring” an infection of the skin that occurs in tropical climates) play classic death metal, with clearly audible influences of thrash metal, crossover and crust punk. Beloved by a loyal fan base since their first demo/album “Skin the Living” (1995), they have never tried to be the goriest or most technical band in the extreme underground, but instead have focused on flowing grooves and infectiously catchy songwriting complemented by the unique vocals of Dave Matrise.  

 Proving that they were one of the hardest working bands in the underground scene, JUNGLE ROT survived numerous lineup changes, kept playing explosive shows and released eleven full-length albums. The sound of intense grooves, killer double bass, and brutally deep growls has allowed JUNGLE ROT to stay at the peak of popularity and inspired to release stronger and stronger records one after another, and the band's work "A Call To Arms", recorded during the pandemic and released last year, is a testament to the quartet's serious approach to their work and everlasting enthusiasm.  

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