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Black Metal | Portugal

 GAEREA is a band that from their debut EP in 2016 has always felt a little bit different. Black metal as a genre sometimes sounds a bit staid and tired, but GAEREA has brought something new to the table.There is no avant-garde - the band is very much working within the black metal framework. Rather, there is a seriousness and intelligence behind the music which gives it real weight and intensity. Combined with a crushing atmosphere, their music achieves what so many aim for, but fall short of: true catharsis. 

 With an debut EP and three albums to their name, GAEREA has rapidly distinguished themselves from the thousands of bands toiling away in the underground. In a world that increasingly elevates the shallow and the narcissistic, GAEREA pursues an artistic struggle of inward isolation, honest self-examination, and a dogged refusal to bow to the void that awaits. Band’s signature look, reflecting their artistic introverted philosophy is black masks:  “GAEREA are truly ourselves when we put these masks on, and we transcend into something different, and primitive. It still makes total sense, and this band would not be a band anymore if we ever dropped the masks.”  

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