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Black Metal | Norway

 CARPATHIAN FOREST - The name speaks for itself. Considered to be one of the biggest stars of trve Norwegian black metal and led by group leader Nattefrost for more than three decades, the collective perfectly balances right on the edge between tradition and innovation.  

 The band doesn’t seem to care to please their fans with a new album every now and then, however if they release something – it will really make you shut up. The first demo “BloodLust & Perversion” was unleashed in 1992. This grim cold, morbid sound would become their trademark. Later creations only expanded the true ethics of the band and their devotion to darkness and despair. Some time passed before the band unleashed their first full scale attack, “Black Shining Leather” in only in 1998. After that, quite productive years followed. However, their currently latest album was released in 2006 and was simply called “Fuck You All!!!! (Caput tuum in ano est)”. Neither overproduced not suffering from amateurish sound, this album serves quite strangely pleasantly disgusting portion of filth. 

  During their impressive career with even more impressive live shows, CARPATHIAN FOREST, while sometimes experimenting with their sound, occasionally bringing in both rock and roll and more melodic motifs, has never ventured away from their roots and stayed true to the sound and ideas of 1990s Norwegian black metal.  

 The black metal legend is visiting Lithuania for the very first time!  

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