First time at KŽ


Gothic Rock Darkwave | Germany

 The only thing sure about the mysterious Berliners known as (DOLCH) is that this band cannot be placed within a frame of a single genre. No wonder the lack of their creative boundaries is often compared to the legendary DEAD CAN DANCE. Having begun their journey nearly a decade ago, this German band has released several EPs and splits, while the first full-length albums "Feuer" and "Nacht", building the first part of the three-album cycle, were released in 2019 and 2022. Although rarely seen on stage, (DOLCH) has recently performed at such major underground festivals like Mystic Festival in Poland, Beyond the Gates in Norway, and Ascension Festival in Iceland. Thus, hearing (DOLCH) live on stage in the Baltic States will be truly something special!  

 Probably most attractive feature of their music is that it is open, personal, and yet completely universal at the same time. Audiences can easily identify with the darkness of the melancholic melodies and ambiguous lyrics, leaving space for each listener’s interpretations and individual feelings. The emotional spectre of the songs, served by these dark rockers from Berlin, ranges from urban depression to nearly ritualistic ecstasy, and from the solitude of the modern world to dark romance. (DOLCH) entwines the loneliness with comfort, where the open wounds of the heart unfold as the gate into the mythical depths and archetypal dreams.  

 Surrounded by warm and mysterious summer darkness, (DOLCH) will invite their audience to share an experience, which will take over your body, pierce your heart like a dagger, and free your soul at the 24th edition of KILKIM ŽAIBU festival.   

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