Baltic culture
and extreme music
2023 June 29 - July 1

KILKIM ŽAIBU XXIII Festival Running Order

 KILKIM ŽAIBU XXIII festival will take place on 29 June – July 1, 2023, near Lake Lėnas, in the territory of Antanas Smetona Manor Museum in Ukmergė district.



18.00-19.00 HELLHOOKAH – Lithuania, doom metal;

20.00-21.00 ANDAJA – Lithuania, Baltic mysticism;

22.00-23.00 VARANG NORD – Latvia, folk viking metal;

00.30-01.30 Motorized TANKUOJIS – Lithuania, folk‘n‘roll;


19.00-20.00 TRUČAS – Lithuania, thrash metal;

21.00-22.00 WOLFHEART – Finland, melodic death metal;

23.00-00.30 SODOM – Germany, thrash metal legends;


17.00-20.00 Opening of the ancient village of the Baltic tribes. Ancient crafts and warfare;

20.00-21.00 Living history club „Varingis“ presentation at the ancient village of Baltic tribes;

22.00-22.30 Tournament of the living history clubs for the priority right to celebrate the Midsummer feast of Vilkmergė, festival opening, lighting the fires at the gates of lake Lėnas;

00.30-03.00 Folk dances with „Tankuojis“ and meeting the sunrise at PIKUOLIS stage;



13.00-14.00 MAROS RIJOS – Lithuania, folk song workshop;

15.00-16.00 GYVATA – Lithuania, folk rock;

17.00-18.00 BURYING PLACE – Lithuania, death metal;

19.00-20.00 IN TWILIGHT‘S EMBRACE – Poland, black metal;

21.00-22.00 MIDNIGHT – USA, black speed metal stormbringers;

23.00-00.00 URGEHAL – Norway, return of the cult Black Metal horde;

01.00-02.00 LILI REFRAIN – Italy, multi-instrumentalistic ambient, folk and metal magic. 


14.00-15.00 HYPERVERT – Latvia, dark‘n‘roll;

16.00-17.00 KANNABINÕID – Estonia, stoner doom metal therapy;

18.00-19.00 AUĻI – Latvia, bagpipe and drum ethnotrance, special show featuring ethno music artist Laurita Peleniūtė;

20.00-21.00 GRIMNER – Sweden, viking folk metal;

22.00-23.00 SKYFORGER – Latvia, exclusive „Latviešu strēlnieki“ album show from the most renowned Baltic metal band, featuring members from Lithuanian freedom fighters historic clubs; 

00.00-01.00 SEPTICFLESH – Greece, symphonic death metal giants.


12.00-20.00 Opening of the ancient village of the Baltic tribes. Ancient crafts and warfare;

12.00-14.00 Ancient games for festival visitors at the Baltic Tribes village, by club „Varingis“;

13.00-14.00 The craft of tablet weaving will be introduced by the weaving expert Jurgita Blaževičiūtė Navickienė;

13.00-14.00 Rope weaving with J. Kaščiukaitė – Kurkienė;

14.00-15.00 Ancient beer brewing with Artūras Masiliauskas;

15.00-16.00 Pottery workshop with Erikas Hincas;

14.00-16.00 Beer ladle crafting workshop with Erikas Čypas;

15.00-16.00 Living history club „Jotvos sūnūs“ presentation at the ancient village of Baltic tribes;

16.00-18.00 Archery tournament at ancient village of Baltic tribes;

16.00-17.00 Ancient jewel crafting art demonstration by Evaldas Babenskas;

17.00-18.00 „Partizanas“ military history reenactment club and their exposition about the Lithuanian freedom fighters;  

17.00-19.00 The fight circle. Ancient warriors, representing various nations, will fight for the title of the strongest warrior;

18.00-19.00 Clay items with ceramic artist Kristina Motuzienė;

18.00-20.00 Smithery with blacksmith Matas Bodrijė;

19.00-20.00 Forest Brothers. Culture. History. Destiny’ educational programme by „Miško Broliai“ history club;

22.30-23.00 Formation of the Lithuanian freedom fighters historical reenactment enthusiasts;

23.00-00.00 Freedom fighters songs with „Tankuojis“ folk group at the Crafts Yard;

01.00-01.30 Movement and costume performance „Juosta“ on the shore of the lake; 

02.00-04.00 Afterparty at PIKUOLIS stage bar with DJ Eric Hutchence from Georgia.



14.30-15.30 SVIRTIS – Lithuania, folk;

16.30-17.30 SINAMORT – Lithuania, doom metal;

18.30-19.30 FINSTERFORST – Germany, folk viking metal;

20.30-21.30 JORYJ KŁOC – Energetic folk rock, straight from the unyielding Ukrainian war zone;

22.30-23.30 DARVAZA – Italy / Norway, true black metal;

01.00-02.00 PEKLA – Lithuania, festival‘s musical culmination, speed‘n‘roll mode.


13.30-14.30 STIFFER – Lithuania, hard rock;

15.30-16.30 AWAKENING SUN – Lithuania, melodic death groove metal;

17.30-18.30 DELORAINE – Czech Republic, fantasy folk pagan metal;

19.30-20.30 PENSÉES NOCTURNES – France, avant-garde metal maniacs;

21.30-22.30 ASPHYX – unrelenting Dutch death doom panzer;

23.30-01.00 ELECTRIC WIZARD – England, legendary stoner metal forefathers.


12.00-20.00 Opening of the ancient village of the Baltic tribes. Ancient crafts and warfare;

13.00-14.00 Games and competitions, organised by Lithuanian Traditional Wrestling Federation;

14.00-15.00 Living history club „Pilsots“ presentation at the ancient village of Baltic tribes;

15.00-16.00 Ancient games for festival visitors at the Baltic Tribes village, by club „Varingis“;

15.00-16.00 Ancient leatherworking crafts by Martynas Švedas;

16.00-17.00 Ancient competitions, Viking football. Organised by „Jotvos Sūnūs“;

17.00-18.00 Workshop of the pre-Viking period pressblech technique with goldsmith Martin Tiltnieks;

21.00-23.00 Ancient feast in the name of Vilkmergė for the winners of all competitions and games, guests of honour, festival visitors picked in random order, warriors and craftsmen;

22.00-23.00 Songs at the feast for Vilkmergė, with „Svirtis“ and „Tankuojis“;

23.00-23.20 Fire rites with fire dancers „ALT13“.

02.00-04.00 Old school metal, rock, eurodance afterparty at PIKUOLIS stage bar with DJ Eric Hutchence from Georgia.


12.00-15.00 Clean-up, packing and farewells.

The festival will also feature:


• Lectures on the art of seduction in the Interwar period at the Museum of the President Antanas Smetona

• Climbing trees using rope techniques

• Beach


Festival activity zones will be placed differently than previous year, active and rest zones will be separated. 

There will be three types or parking zones this year:

1. Free parking, outside the festival area;

2. Paid parking, only for vehicles. Price - 20 €;

3. Paid VIP parking, with possibility to build tents next to vehicles. Price - 30 €

We kindly remind you that it‘s strictly forbidden to carry your own alcohol and other forbidden items into the festival area.

Portable grills, stoves and other fire operating devices can be used in all parking areas, except zone with wooden houses. 

More information about visiting terms and conditions can be found here: 

This year we are paying extreme attention to reducing waiting lines at the ticketing gate. Rush hours are expected to happen 29 June, Thursday, from around 17:00 to 20:00 pm (GMT +2) . If you have the possibility, we kindly advice you to arrive before or after hours mentioned above. We also like to ask you to familiarise with ticketing system before arriving. 

Current single ticket price – €95

Single ticket price at the entrance - €100

One day tickets will be €50. Buying one day ticket, a full event price of €100 will have to be paid. The €50 deposit will only be returned by leaving the festival area before following day‘s 12AM. 

More information about tickets can be found here: 

Festival KILKIM ŽAIBU XXIII is almost here. We‘ve taken great responsibility in organising the festival and hope that this will be a firm step forwards. Looking forward to meeting you all and wish the best experiences!

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