2022 June 23-25, Ukmergė, Lithuania
Baltic culture and extreme music festival



1. The festival “Kilkim Žaibu” is hereinafter referred to as the Festival.

2. Any person who enters the Festival area (hereinafter – Participant) unconditionally agrees and obliges to follow these rules.

3. The Festival begins on the 23rd of June 2022, at 4:00 P.M. The doors open on the 23rd of June 2022, at 10:00 A.M.

4. The Festival ends on the 26th of June 2022, at 6:00 A.M.

5. Location of the Festival: The Manor of the president Antanas Smetona, Taujėnai eldership, Užulėnis village, Dvaro str. 3.

6. The objective of these rules is to define the rights and obligations of the Participants and to ensure the safety of all Participants while making sure the Festival runs smoothly.

7. The Festival area is an enclosed location that can only be entered having purchased a ticket or an invitation distributed by the Organizer or sold under the supervision of the Organizer. The right to enter the Festival area is granted by a special bracelet, provided by the Organizer in exchange for a proper ticket or an invitation. Any person without such a bracelet will be unconditionally removed from the Festival area. Any and all violations of the law will be reported to the police.


8. Upon entering the Festival area, all participants are responsible for their own safety, health, and life. Participants must respect the rights and rightful interests of other Participants. Upon observing any violation of these rules, Participants must immediately report them to the Organizer or the Safety Personnel.

9. Upon entering the Festival area, all Participants are responsible for the safety of their personal possessions, including for said possessions being lost or damaged.

10. All Participants unconditionally agree and do not object to being searched before entering the Festival area in order to check whether the Participant possesses any items prohibited by these rules or otherwise dangerous to society. Participants in possession of items prohibited by these rules and/or otherwise dangerous to society, will not be allowed to enter the Festival area, even if they have a ticket or an invitation granting them entrance.

11. It is forbidden for the Participants in less than 100 meters distance from buildings and under the trees to use grills or other similar objects that are somehow related to producing fire, in and around the Festival area. It is fobidden to light campfires at all in the areas which are not dedicated for such activities.

12. It is forbidden to destroy or damage the museum exhibit and nature objects, to arbitrarily chop down or otherwise destroy trees, bushes, flower gardens, anthills, and bird nests, to cause danger to the safety and life of other people, and to litter or otherwise pollute the environment.

13. The Participants must follow the instructions of the Security Personnel responsible for the safety of the Festival. Failure to comply with such instructions may result in the Participants being removed from the Festival area by the Security Personnel under the Law on the Protection of Persons and Assets, without the right to reenter the Festival.

14. It is forbidden to conduct any commercial and/or advertising activities in the Festival area without permission from the Organizer.

15. The Participant consents to the Organizer taking photos and videos throughout the entire Festival area and later using said photos and videos for advertising purposes in any way and in any media outlet for an unlimited time. The Participant consents to unmanned vehicles (drones) flying over the Festival area and thus, by extension, flying above the Participant.

16. Throughout the Festival area, the Participants are obligated to only pay in cash (euros), unless individual commercial outlets choose to provide the means to pay by card.

17. Any person matching any following criteria will not be permitted to enter the festival area:

a. Persons prohibited by a court decision from participating in mass events;

b. Persons obviously intoxicated by alcohol, drugs, or other psychoactive substances;

c. Persons possessing any type of firearms or other dangerous objects, explosives, psychoactive substances, flammable materials, or alcoholic drinks stored in any sort of container;

d. Persons, who are acting in an aggressive or brutal way or are potentially dangerous to other participants.

18. It is strictly prohibited to bring any of the following items into the Festival area:

a. Any type of firearms;

b. Any alcoholic drinks stored in any type of container;

c. Any drugs and drug-related equipment;

d. Pyrotechnics or any other flammable, oxidizing, or explosive materials;

e. Any advertisement material that has not been agreed on with the Organizer in advance;

f. Any glass containers;

g. Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones);

h. Umbrellas with a pointy end;

i. Any grills, gas stoves, and other similar objects;

j. Axes, knives, and other white arms;

k. Other prohibited items, as indicated by the Safety Personnel.

19. The Participant must be careful while in bodies of water, must not overestimate their abilities and be in bodies of water or close to them while intoxicated or at night.

20. Pets are allowed in the festival area following the rules for keeping and care of pets.

21. The Participants agree and do not object to the sound level during the festival exceeding the standard norms.

22. The Participants oblige to behave in a responsible and civilized manner, to not vandalize or pollute nature.

23. The Participants must behave carefully and not disturb the rest of other Participants when no events of the Festival are taking place.

24. The Participants are only allowed to pitch tents in dedicated zones marked in the Festival area or other suitable locations as indicated by personnel authorized by the Organizer.

25. Portable toilets and sinks will be located throughout the Festival area.

26. The Participants are allowed to bring unopened non-alcoholic drinks and food items into the Festival area, provided they are not packed into glass containers.

27. The Organizer is not responsible for the safety and loss of or damage to vehicles left in or around the Festival area. In case of an accident, the owner of the vehicle is liable under the relevant legislation.


28. The tickets can be purchased online at www.kilkimzaibu.com/lt/bilietai or at the ticket offices located in the Festival area.

29. When entering the Festival area, the Festival ticket will be exchanged for the Festival bracelet. Only an original ticket, purchased following the requirements set by the official distributor of the Festival tickets, can be exchanged for the bracelet. The organizer warns that counterfeited, fake, or used tickets will not be exchanged for the Festival bracelet. The bracelet is only valid while on the wrist of the Participant. The bracelet grants access to the Festival to one person only. If the bracelet is damaged or torn off, it is no longer considered valid. Having lost the bracelet, a new one will be issued only after buying a new Festival ticket.

30. Children up to 12 years of age, accompanied by parents or guardians, can enter the Festival free of charge. If a Participant is younger than 18 years old, they can only participate in the Festival while accompanied by an adult, who takes on full responsibility for the minor. At the entrance, any adult who takes on responsibility for a minor or minors must sign a declaration of responsibility for the minor being accompanied and must supervise them for the duration of the festival.

31. Tickets are non-refundable except if the event is canceled or the date is changed.


32. While in the Festival area, the Participants must conduct themselves in such a way as to not endanger other Participants. It is strictly forbidden to damage any signs, advertising stands or any other equipment and real estate located in the Festival area.

33. The Organizer ensures public order by collaborating with the Lithuanian police, security services, the fire and rescue department and the emergency medical services.

34. If necessary, the Organizer has the right to change the location of the Festival in order to ensure the safety of the Participants.

35. Following the Law on the Protection of Persons and Assets and these rules, the Festival Security Personnel has the right to:

a. Check any person’s ticket/bracelet in and around the Festival area;

b. Check the Participants’ personal identification in order to ascertain their identity and/or age;

c. Check the personal possessions of the Participants, their purses, backpacks, and clothes, including the pockets, at any time in the Festival area or while trying to enter it, if there are suspicions that the Participant possesses items prohibited by these rules. Following logic and upon evaluating the situation, the Security Personnel has the right to remove the Participant in possession of prohibited items from the Festival area. If alcoholic drinks are found in the Participant’s bag, purse or backpack, the Security Personnel has the right to confiscate the drinks. Such confiscated drinks are not returned to the Participant. If drugs, other psychoactive substances, any type of weapon, life-threatening items, explosives, or flammable materials, are found in the Participant’s bag, purse or backpack, the Security Personnel has the right to arrest the person and hand them over to the police together with the confiscated items.

d. Give instructions to the Participants;

e. Use force, as stipulated in the Law on the Protection of Persons and Assets, to defend the rights and safety of other Participants, in case of self-defense, and to ensure the safety of the Organizers at the Festival or the material assets of the Museum. 

36. The Organizer retains the right to remove from the Festival area any people who are intoxicated, are a threat to those around them or the public order or are behaving aggressively.


37. The Festival is controlled by the Organizer, the personnel authorized by the Organizer, the Security personnel, supervisors, volunteers, and all decent citizens.

38. Any person upon violating these rules is immediately removed from the Festival area, their tickets are not refunded, and they are liable under relevant legislation for any damage caused.


39. The Organizer retains the right to change the previously announced performer lineup, available entertainment, and Festival program.

40. These rules can be unilaterally changed following the decision by the Organizer. They can be found on the official website of the Festival, all chosen information dissemination channels, and at the information centers located in the Festival area.

41. All rights to the name and logo of the Festival are exclusively owned by the Organizer.