Atmospheric Folk Black Metal | Scotland

  Scotland is famous for its unique and picturesque scenery. There, you can indulge in the spectacular sights of Scotland’s numerous lakes and meandering glens dotted around the rolling hills of the Highlands. Further North, the peaceful lakes gradually expand into imposing spines of mountains that stand adjacent to golden beaches, dense forests and turbulent waves that crash into the rocky cliffs.  From this description, you could recognize not only Scotland’s nature, but also the music of SAOR – uniquely elegant, refreshing and richly expressed. This band is multi instrumentalist’s Andy Marshall’s child, which conveys the harmony of Celtic Folk and Black Metal.  

The band was created in 2013 and has released five albums already. SAOR have already performed in KILKIM ŽAIBU back in 2018, and it seems that the time has come to see each other again. The more, that since last time, the band has complemented their discography with two beautiful albums.  

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