Lithuania | Dirty Metal

CHRISTLESS is a quite new creation in the Lithuanian metal scene. The band, which gathered at the end of 2018 and did not make any public move for nearly a year, came out into the daylight at the end of 2019, carrying their début EP Diabolical Crew.

It's hard to describe the band’s style with a single word. Their cool heavy metal features elements of black, thrash and death metal. Their lyrics range from existential topics to a mild mockery of ‘standards and norms’, but the guys don't try to fit into some frame and simply describe themselves as ‘Four Lithuanian bastards playing dirty metal’.

At KILKIM ŽAIBU festival, this band will introduce not only their début release, but also their new works, which show more and more of the dark side, gradually filling their new full-length album ‘Welcome Bastards to the Show!!!’